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TMF Milkfeeders Saving you time and money
Easy to use Like using a mobile phone!
Saving you time and money
Welcome to TMF Milk Feeders, we are UK sales and service for ETS Legrain and Biotic Industries range of powdered milk feeders. We believe our efficient, yet affordable computerized and automatic calf and lamb feeders will take your youngstock rearing to the next level.  Our feeders will help you save valuable time whilst cost effectively rearing healthy productive calves and lambs.

As calf rearers who also lamb over 180 ewes, we fully understand the challenges farmers face!  Our nutritionist has a PhD in ruminant nutrition and also works as a nutritionist for an agricultural feed company, as well as several years working in commercial research.  Our service manager has more than 20 years experience in agricultural engineering and product support.  The two disciplines come together perfectly to provide expertise in computerized calf feeding.

TMF Milk Feeders bring you a reliable and consistent product that takes the hard graft out of rearing youngstock. The machines are simple to use, yet highly effective, and as one of our customers said “if you can use a mobile phone, you can use these feeders”.

Latest News

  • Help videos now available!

    13th October, 2014

    We are delighted to be able to share our 3 new instructional videos showing how to use the equipment.
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  • Now available: Ultrasound scanner for sheep and goats

    27th June, 2013

    The HK pregnancy testers and diagnosis units provide rapid, simple and reliable results.  These German products have been used in the industry… Read More
  • Don't just suspect pregnancy - reliable pregnancy diagnosis

    27th June, 2013

    HK-pregnancy diagnosis unit with external probe that is attached to the unit by a coil cord.
    Don´t just suspect pregnancy, give… Read More

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